The Green Team

Our Green School Initiative

Our Green Team encourages and promotes ‘green activities’ in our school.  Our aim is to develop our students’ enthusiasm and knowledge of the environment and to encourage caring for their own homes and locality. The committee is comprised of four teachers, Lucy O’Mahony, Breda Murphy, Frances Arthur, Michael McCarthy and Marie Westlake.

Also on the team is our caretaker, Seán O’Brien, and this year we have sixteen students representing 1st to 6th classes… Brayden Slattery, Sarah O’Donoghue, Éabha Stack, Damien Sroka, Eimear Warren, Laura O’Shea, Erin Doheny, Aisling Crowe, Sarah McGrath, Sharfina Akter, Kate O’Sullivan, Jessica Maye, Leah O’Connor, Wiktoria Krol, Kate-Lynn Barry and Karen O’Donoghue.

We generally meet the first Wednesday of every month and work together on various projects. Each student has his/her own special role e.g. PRO, secretary, etc. After each meeting students on the committee report back to their classes on what was discussed. They also carry out their own responsibilities every week e.g. send reminder messages to classrooms, collect the fruit peels, supervise the ‘can league’ among many others. We are very lucky to have such an enthuastic and hard-working team. A big thank you to all of you for your involvement and care!

To date we have received five green flags.

  • 1st flag – litter and waste reduction and recycling
  • 2nd flag – energy awareness
  • 3rd flag – water conservation
  • 4th flag – sustainable travel
  • 5th flag – biodiversity
  • Our School is currently working on the theme of Globalisation and Litter and Waste.

Cultural Day 2014


Junior Infants learn that by buying fairtrade goods we are helping farmers in the developing world.

This is their fairtrade song! (Oct 2013)