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Mission Fundraising

Sr Regina’s Zambia Mission 2005 – 2010

After retiring as principal of Holy Cross Mercy School in 2005, Sr Regina spent almost five years doing tremendous missionary work in Zambia. Life in Zambia is very different to life as we know it. There are many hardships to overcome on a daily basis. The children in our school were delighted to be involved in many successful fundraising events to support Sr Regina’s wonderful work.

Projects We Funded

Some of the projects we sponsored are:

  • Provision of food, blankets and medicine for families in need.
  • Leasing a field to grow maize, feeding 10 families for almost a year.
  • The purchase of 20 goats provided nourishment for families living in the Bush.
  • Payment of final year college fees for Phinius Chafomo, orphaned at a young age. He is now working as Sales Manager with Barclays Bank, enabling him to support his younger brothers and sisters.
  • Payment of second year college fees for Prudence Chazingwa. She passed her exams with “Higher Credit” in March 2008 and now works at repairing and maintaining computers in schools in Lusaka. Yet another success story!
  • Sr Margaret’s Yola Mission 2010…….
  • Sr Margaret previously worked in our school teaching English to foreign national students.

She is now teaching in St Theresa’s Catholic Mission in Yola, Nigeria.
We are proud to support Sr Margaret’s mission.

Projects We Fund

Funds raised in our school have been put to good use.

  • 2010 – 2011: Feeding Project – a nutritious porridge breakfast provided daily for the 340 children in the school. Breakfast is made from rice, groundnuts, sugar and tamarind. (local fruit to add flavour)
  • 2011 – 2012: Planting Project – seeds for maize, beans, groundnuts, guinea corn and rice were bought for families who had lost a parent. They planted them in rented land near their homes. Their yields will keep them fed for a whole year.