Senior Numeracy Games

Senior Numeracy Sites huge list of maths games all divided into both age and ability level. This is an excellent site to

reinforce skills

Maths Games – Website List Up to and including 1st class Lots of different games to choose from Lots of different activities rtime/games/index.shtml Variety of games es/4_11/site/numeracy.shtml Links to all the BBC children’s maths websites bers/wholenumbers/ A selection of more complex maths games and activities hsfile/gameswheel.html Harder maths games – upper KS2 ault.htm A selection of maths games amo/den/dynamake/make.shtml Variety of games

Data Handling



Basic Carroll diagrams bers/handlingdata/ Upper KS2 data handling

KS1 – Doubling and Halving html Doubling two digit numbers html Doubling two digit numbers aths/num%20machine/halver.html

Can you beat the machine. Input your own number and

then think of what half is before the machine tells you!

KS1 – Addition umbers/ch1.shtml Addition using ladybird spots and numbers tml Partitioning into 5 and a bit to add 6,7 or 8 s.html Bridging 10 aths/num%20machine/add1.html Adding 1 – one more! A ‘beat the machine’ activity aths/num%20machine/add2.html Adding 2 – two more! A ‘beat the machine’ activity aths/num%20machine/add5.html Adding 5 – five more! A ‘beat the machine’ activity aths/num%20machine/add10.html Adding 10 – ten more! A ‘beat the machine’ activity html Number bonds to 20 Adding 5 s10.html Adding 10 with a 100 square to support nopad2.html Adding 10 (game for 2 players) l Adding 9 d9.html Adding 9 with a 100 square to support d11.html Adding 11 with a hundred square to support flock.html Adding two digit numbers me.html Mental addition game – 1 and 2 digit numbers

KS1 – Subtraction aths/num%20machine/take1.html Subtracting 1 – beat the machine! aths/num%20machine/take2.html Subtracting 2 – beat the machine! aths/num%20machine/take5.html Subtracting 5 – beat the machine! aths/num%20machine/take10.html Subtracting 10 – beat the machine! a/playground.htm Subtraction 1-10 or 1-20 with pictures and clues nus11.html Subtracting 11 with a hundred square vict.html

Counting on to calculate the difference (2digit numbers) mbleweb/mentalmaths/subtractionte st.htmlSubtraction test – various levels of difficulty

Counting and Place Value html Recognise numbers 10 and above our/pol/blastoff1.html Numbers and words to 20 mes/game3.htm Counting to 20 2a/playground.htm Number names to 100 m/literacy/lit_site/lit_sites/number_vocab/index.htm

Match numbers to words

Money r.html Coins to 20p r50p.html Paying to 50p bers/measuring/money/ BBC money games and activities

2-6th Addition bers/wholenumbers/addsubtract/mental/flash3.shtml

Adding two digit numbers bers/wholenumbers/addsubtract/mental/flash9.shtml

BBC conveyor belt game. Problem solving bers/wholenumbers/addsubtract/mental/flash7.shtml

BBC conveyor belt game. Problem solving bers/wholenumbers/addsubtract/written/game.shtml

Written 2 and 3 digit addition

2nd to 6th Subtraction bers/wholenumbers/addsubtract/written/game.shtml

Written 2 and 3 digit subtraction bers/wholenumbers/addsubtract/mental/game.shtml

A range of mental subtraction games mbleweb/mentalmaths/subtractionte st.html Subtraction test – various levels of difficulty

2nd -6th Multiplication

Times tables bers/wholenumbers/multiplication/timestables/

Mental multiplication

bers/wholenumbers/multiplication/mental/ bers/wholenumbers/multiplication/w ritten/ Written multiplication methods bers/wholenumbers/multiplication/problemsolving/

Problem solving with multiplication bers/wholenumbers/whatarenumbers


Multiples and Factors nts.htm

Strategies to support multiplication and multiplication games .html

Move the plan to shoot the answer to the given question mbleweb/mentalmaths/testtest.html Table Tester

Decimals, fractions and percentages bers/fractiondecimalpercentage A wide range of activities and games mbleweb/mentalmaths/ ml More or less than half 6a/playground.htm

Equivalent fractions – hanging monkeys on a line! es/circus/pairs.html Identifying equivalent fractions quiv%20Fractions%20Contents.html Equivalent fraction games sources/flash.php?&file=washindex6 Ordering decimals – clothes on a washing line hsfile/shockwave/games/laddergame.html

Ordering decimals – including negative decimals