Attendance Policy

School Attendance Policy Holy Cross Mercy School  Introduction: There is a very strong tradition of good attendance in Holy Cross Mercy School. However, we are anxious that parents be aware of the absolute necessity for regular punctual attendance at school. Aims: To foster an appreciation of learning by having good attendance practises. To comply with [...]

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6th Class Booklist Mrs Rhonda Healy

Mrs. Rhonda Healy’s 6th Class– 2018-2019 Holy Cross Mercy School - Rang VI Booklist Book Rental Scheme -These books along with digital resources are to be rented for the year from the school at a significantly reduced rate comparable to the purchase price of these books new or secondhand. Please note that any rental books [...]

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Walking Club

Walking club is available for pupils from 3rd to 6th class and takes place in the Summer Term for four weeks. The children go on different route each week building on their fitness, steps and distance. We always meet some of the wonderful wildlife that live in the park along the way.  The walks the [...]

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GDPR Privacy Notice to Parents/Guardians

Holy Cross Mercy School Privacy Notice to Parents / Guardians By enrolling in and attending Holy Cross Mercy you acknowledge that your personal data (including special category personal data) will be processed by Holy Cross Mercy.  The purpose of this Privacy Notice is to better inform you of Who we are What personal data we [...]

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