Holy Cross Mercy School – Rang V Booklist

Book Rental Scheme  -The following books are to be rented for the year from the school at a significantly reduced rate comparable to the purchase price of these books new or secondhand. Please note that any rental books that are lost or damaged must be replaced.

To be rented from the school:

The total value of your daughter’s school books for 5th Class comes to over €220. These should be rented from the school. The rental books will include textbooks for Gaeilge, English, Maths, Religion and  SESE. These books will be given to your daughter when we return to school in the new term. Below is a list of items which will need to be purchased over the summer. All copies and school supplies will need to be covered and labelled clearly before the new term begins. Thanking you.


Additional school book & supplies  to be purchased:

  • Master Your Maths 5 – Book by CJ Fallon (only applicable for main 5th Class maths group.)
  • 1 x Cursive handwriting copy – orange cover by Ormond – red & blue lined – B4
  • 12 x 88page copies
  • 2 x A5 Hardback Notebooks – not spiral
  • 2 x A4 Hardback notebooks – not spiral
  • 1x spiral A5 hardback Notebook
  • Calculator (simple – not scientific model)
  • Maths Set (to include a protractor & a compass)
  • Earphones (personal  set for use with iPad)
  • Small sturdy plastic basket for school books. (no lid needed)

Items to be brought on from last year:

  • Small Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Recorder
  • A4Ring-binder folder & packet of poly pockets
  • A4 Display Folder 40 page
  • Irish/English Dictionary
  • English Dictionary/Thesaurus – Preferably Collins Pocket Edition (Blue)
  • Atlas (Phillips Post Primary School Atlas) (Yellow Cover)
  • All children will need a neat toiletries bag containing a clean facecloth and hand sanitizer

Please note that tippex is not needed for 5th Class – Thank you.

Please label all of your daughters belongings clearly.

      “I look forward to welcoming your daughter into 5th Class.”