Friday, 26th June, 2015: Last Day Party! Girls can wear their own clothes and can bring a toy to play with (no iPads/tablets etc.)



Active Week 2015 (25th-29th May)

Friday, 29th May, 2015.

Sports Day 2015!

Today was a brilliant end to Active Week! We had our Sports Day in Dr. Croke’s pitch. Even though the rain appeared for a bit in the morning, the day cleared and it was a great, dry day!

2nd and 3rd Class were joined together for the day with lots of fun activities!

Everyone got a medal at the end of the day!

It was a brilliant day and everyone had lots of fun!

Thursday, 28th May, 2015

Today was the last day of Active Week in the school.

Second Class had yoga first thing in the morning. The teacher, Aileen, did loads of fun warms up in a circle, getting everyone to stretch their muscles and warm up their bodies.

Aileen showed us the tree stand, warrior stand, superhero position and different movements with partners.
Aileen showed the girls how to practice their handstands against the pillar.
It was a fun and exciting activity which everyone loved!